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Efrat Dor teases Mirror Mistress 'cliffhanger' in The Flash finale and what comes next

By Bryan Cairns

Somebody could wind up with seven years of bad luck in The Flash’s finale tonight, "Success Is Assured."

The backend of Season 6 has found Iris and scientist Eva McCulloch trapped in the Mirrorverse, with a mirror doppelganger replacing Iris in the real world. Eva played the victim, but, in reality, she has been plotting her escape from this reflective realm for years. 

It was Eva who created the mirror clones of Iris, Kamilla, and Captain Singh. Her goal: to enact revenge on her ex-husband, John Carver, co-founder of McCulloch Technologies, leader of the shadowy organization Black Hole, and the man who left her stuck in the mirror universe. Now, with Eva on the loose while suited up as the Mirror Mistress, Flash losing his speed, and Iris still imprisoned, the cards definitely appear to be stacked in her favor...

Efrat Dor, the actor behind Eva McCulloch, recently spoke with SYFY WIRE about executing Eva’s masterplan, why she’s not a typical villain, her new costume, and facing off against Team Flash.  

Viewers have witnessed Flash battle villain after villain. What separates Eva from the other Rogues?

Well, she’s not a real villain, is she? She wants to make the world a better place. She is a scientist. She has spent her life developing cutting-edge technology to try to find parallel universes, and other worlds, to have less population. All the things that we are facing in our world right now are things she has put her work and her life into figuring out. So, she’s not the proper villain. I don’t think she’s a villain at all.

Even if she has to murder people along the way?

Well, we’ve been at home for two months now, and I’ve had some thoughts... No, now more than ever, I can sort of understand that first scene where she saw Iris, ran up to her and hugged her. “Oh, a human being.” She’s been sitting on her own, and sitting on these long-term plans of hers to get her life back, and put things in order. Eva has to do some stuff for the greater good. That’s how she sees it. She didn’t want to hurt Iris. She doesn’t want to hurt the Flash. Eva just wants to correct things. She sees that her technology is being used as weapons. She’s just trying to do the right thing.

Eva is free of the Mirrorverse. What’s her next move?

I think definitely a visit with her ex. Eva needs some full closure there. He’s really not expecting her, so that should be interesting.


Promo images have shown Eva gearing up as the Mirror Mistress. How did it feel slipping into that costume and embracing that title?

Oh my god. It felt so awesome. That suit had been worked on by a lot of people. It had a lot of thought going into it. I love all the details. It had little mirror pieces on it. It has a lot of respect and reference to the original Mirror Master in the comic books. It symbolizes Eva owning her own power.

I was doing the fitting and my kids were trying on gloves and putting on things. They were putting on Flash’s suit. They don’t know who Flash is. It was a lot of fun.

Eva has demonstrated various abilities. She’s used technology to her advantage. What does she possess in her bag of tricks?

Eva can definitely use mirrors — and move mirrors — with her mind. She can also travel through any mirror. She can abduct people into the Mirrorverse and create mirror clones of them.

Those mirror clones are sort of like her children. She loves them and they are a part of her. As you saw, it was very hard for her to sacrifice one of them. 

What about in terms of gadgets and gizmos?  

I’ll just say it’s going to get hotter. That’s all I can say.

What can you tease about tonight’s season finale?

Everything that’s been bottled up in Eva — and her plan that she’s been sitting on for years and years and years has been coming into full power. It’s going to get hectic and crazy. And there’s nothing to stop her... is there?

This wouldn’t be a season-ender without a massive brawl. How was it filming that?

It is a big brawl, but there are more coming. It’s all fun. I kept telling showrunner Eric Wallace, “OK. Now I want to be dropped from a helicopter. What is next?” I personally love action, so I had a lot of fun.

Hopefully, I don’t know, but I really hope a lot more fun will be coming, if and when we resume the show and if I will be on it.

Let’s wrap on that note. Flash received a shorter season because of the pandemic. How did that derail Eva’s trajectory? Will her story continue and conclude in the new season?

The last episodes were all written. From her leaving the mirror, it was all just crazy action sequences. Eric has such a great imagination. He brought these crazy ideas for these final episodes. Every episode was like, “Oh my God. Oh my God,” when I read the scripts. This wasn’t planned to be the finale, but it is a very good cliffhanger and a very good action-packed episode to end on.

But I have not finished, hopefully. I still have business to do.