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The Flash: Mirrorverse and Speed Force cliffhangers linger in first trailer for Season 7

By Trent Moore
The FLash Season 6

After having its sixth season cut short due to the pandemic production shutdown, The CW’s longest-running superhero series The Flash returns in March — and now we finally have a first look. Not surprisingly, it’s focused on wrapping up all those dangling storylines from last year.

As fans are likely aware, the show’s sixth season wrapped up with a whole lot of story threads still unresolved. Iris (Candice Patton) is still trapped in the Mirrorverse; Barry (Grant Gustin) is still trying to figure out a way to reach her; and Barry’s supply of super-speed is still on the verge of running out due to the lingering damage to the Speed Force. So yeah — all the old problems persist, it just seems we’ll finally get to see how all those stories wrap up.

The first trailer offers up some tantalizing answers, as Barry seemingly figures out a way to access the Mirrorverse to rescue Iris, and it seems he’ll be using up the last drops of his Speed Force to do it. Though, with a whole new season kicking off, we’d think he figures out some way to refill the lightning-fast tank fairly quickly. Perhaps an alt-Force?

Check out the trailer right here:

The Flash | Season 7 Trailer | The CW

As for what else we can expect from Season 7? We’d look for that Mirrorverse story to likely wrap up fairly quickly (it is last season’s storyline, after all), making room for a new big bad in Jon Cor’s Chillblaine. Genre fans might recognize Cor from Shadowhunters, but here he’ll be playing the cryogenic scientist Mark Stevens, who will likely cause all kinds of problems for Team Flash with his super-cold weapons.

It’ll be interesting to see how they make this storyline stand out when compared to the old Captain Cold days early in the show’s run.

The Flash’s seventh season kicks off March 2 on The CW, after being delayed a week to make space for a super-sized premiere for new series Superman & Lois.