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About face! The Mandalorian's masked hero prompts Golden Globes to revise awards rules

By Jacob Oller
The Mandalorian

Bad news for The Mandalorian, The Masked Singer, and most of the cast of Doom Patrol: The Golden Globes are changing their rules around to better delineate their stance on masked performances — and Pedro Pascal's helmeted Din Djarin may have been the impetus behind it.

According to Variety, the change in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's awards — which reportedly states that "voice-only performances are not eligible in any acting category" — was prompted by Pascal being hidden for all but a bit of the Disney+ Star Wars show's eight-episode first season. When the helmet finally came off in the finale, the HFPA must've breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Pascal was really under there ... because it seems like they were so caught up about the masked secrecy that they decided to disallow such performances in their future considerations.

Apparently since Pascal showed his face that one time, he would've been eligible for his Mandalorian role, so it seems any amount of face time is enough to qualify. Will future showrunners and filmmakers pop their actors' faces on-screen for a few seconds simply to pop through this loophole? Perhaps since the coronavirus might encourage extra-safe production practices, including masks, the Globes will have to get comfortable imagining the hidden pretty faces.

Another, less specific, rule has also been added about TV works. A new "Anthology" category has been appended to the limited series/TV movie section of the awards — which makes sense due to the increasing quantity of quality genre-based anthology TV, like Black Mirror and the CBS All Access reboot of The Twilight Zone.

While there's no date for the 2021 Golden Globes (or even confirmation that they'll go on like usual), The Mandalorian returns to Disney+ this October.