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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

The mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead gets airborne

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

We open with Logan being confronted by an angry caravan of people, presumably the people he took back the mill with. They are there, looking for something, but can't find it. Logan gets a black eye for his trouble, but otherwise they seem to be all bark, no bite. Sarah finds him leaving the mill later on. She came by to ask for his help to light up a makeshift runway for the plane, but Logan has no interest.


Grace and Morgan pick up Alicia, who gets a decontamination shower and promises from Grace that her exposure may be nothing to worry about. The trio try to lead the herd back to the nuclear plant, but their plan fails when the air siren shuts off. Then the herd turns around and returns to following them. Grace is more concerned that the containment unit is going to rupture, so she peels out of there - and crashes the car. The three of them run for it.

Dwight and John are out of radio communication with the rest of the plane crew, and desperately trying to find a car that will run. John finds one with candies on the front dash, hotwire it, and head out. Unfortunately about 15 miles from the plane, the battery dies. They are in walkie range though, so John calls June, and prepares for it to be the last time he talks to her. He makes her promise they won't wait for them to return to the plane, then the radio dies. 

Morgan, Alicia, and Grace come running out of the woods, the herd of zombies hot on their heels. The plane is ready to go, but Morgan refuses to leave without John, so they take battle positions against the zombies. At the last second, June remembers the promise she made to John, and insists they leave. As everyone boards the plane, a horn rings out - John and Dwight found another car and made it back in time to get on the plane.

There are zombies that are hanging on to the tail of the plane with a death grip. Morgan gets rid of them. They get airborne, and see the cloud of radioactive explosion stuff growing bigger. They bank - hard - in order to avoid flying directly through it. The flight back "home" is not easy, but it is mostly uneventful, until they approach. John, unhappy that he almost didn't see June again, proposes to her with a gold candy wrapper - a proposal which June happily accepts.


Daniel had found Sarah and Wendell earlier in the day, and he happened to know they needed something for a makeshift runway. The trio works together to lay out thousands of feet of Christmas lights, run off a generator. As Strand and Al are flying in, they see it and are amazed. A zombie wanders out from the forest and attacks Wendell, who spears it on his wheelchair spikes. Unfortunately, it doesn't kill it, and now he is stuck. He throws himself out of his wheelchair when another zombie trips on the generator and pulls the plug, shutting off the lights. Crawling on his arms, he rushes to plug in the generator.

At roughly the same time that the runway lights shut off, the plane runs out of fuel. Strand and Al are panicked, but do the best to land the plane in the dark. Wendell gets the generator plugged in just in time, allowing Strand and Al to land the plane. It is rough, but they are safe.

There is much happiness as everyone reunites. Morgan gets a call on the radio from a woman who had heard his calls offering help. She didn't think they were real - until she saw the plane overhead. I am not sure why a plane would make her think that this wasn't a trap, but to each his own. 

Then Logan shows up. Everyone approaches him with weapons drawn, but Logan insists that he is there to help. Clayton had instructions to a huge supply of fuel written in his journals - which Lucy now has. Logan offers to help them find it in exchange for getting the journal back. Though he doesn't specify, I assume he is also going to let them take most of the fuel, which makes me wonder: what else has Clayton hidden?

Where exactly is everyone?

I guess it doesn't really matter anymore, but I never quite understood where everyone was. So if I understand this correctly, Morgan et al flew out of the mill to go find people. Sarah and Wendell stayed behind, along with Strand and Charlie, who, at some point, left to go help the other airplane folks. They found Daniel, who went off on his own, then somehow found his way back to Sarah and Wendell by car. If Daniel could have gotten back to the mill area by car, why couldn't everyone else have? I have to imagine finding ground transportation for all those people would have been infinitely easier than getting a plane in the air.


The Christmas lights were fun

I found it funny that Sarah worried the pilots wouldn't be able to see them from the air. With no other lights, anywhere, why wouldn't they be able to see it?

Mid-season finale

This was clearly the mid-season finale. We got a happy ending and the main plot (that damn airplane) was wrapped up. But then Logan shows up with a new challenge for them: Let's work together to find the fuel supply that Clayton promises is hidden somewhere. I'm sure that there will be plenty of danger along the way - including the caravan of people we briefly saw at the beginning of tonight's episode - but it just doesn't seem like a very interesting plot device. The stakes don't seem high enough.