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The most Rick and Morty tattoo ever uses green screen technology to open a portal to the multiverse

By Josh Weiss
Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.12.11 AM

Even Rick from Earth C-137 (the Rickest Rick of them all) would find it hard not to be impressed by a really awesome Rick and Morty tattoo concept thought up by the Kentucky-based tattoo artist Roy Rowlett. Using the right shade of green (associated with green screen technology), Rowlett created an image of our two titular heroes looking into one of Rick's swirling portals that could lead to anywhere in the multiverse.

Thanks to the coloring of the tattooed portal, anything can be superimposed onto the design. For the example posted by Rowlett, the show's opening sequence plays out within portal — even its nooks and crannies. A nice final touch is the caption beneath the tattoo which reads: "It's called a green screen, Morty." The only way it could've been better is if Rowlett added a *burp* in there. 

And as someone mentioned on Reddit (where this little project started gaining traction in r/whoadude), you could simply turn the plain green portal into the textured one from the show if you ever got bored of using the green screen shtick. Another good point, broached by SockPuppet-57, says that such a tattoo could become an everyday novelty when augmented reality becomes more widespread. All someone would need to do is hold up their phone or point their AR goggles at the green spot and see whatever they like. 

Missing media item.

Rick and Morty co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland recently closed a deal with Adult Swim that would allow them to make ​​​​​70 more episodes of the hit animated series. As a result, the long wait time between forthcoming seasons will shorten up considerably, Roiland revealed. So there should be plenty of new tattoo fodder on the way.