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Exclusive: The Must-Have Chucky Loungefly Bag for the Spooky Season

SYFY WIRE has the exclusive first-look at the Chucky-themed Loungefly mini backpack. 

By Tara Bennett
Loungefly's Chucky Backpack

The fall season is just around the corner, which means spooky season is waiting in the wings. Ghouls, goblins and things that go bump in the night that psychopathic, possessed doll, Chucky! In his 35-years of existence, the pint-sized killer has become one of the Halloween season's de facto representatives. In fact, SYFY's original Chucky series debuted October 2021, tying the two together even more soundly.

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Which is why SYFY WIRE is particularly excited to exclusively reveal the must-have accessory of the 2023 Halloween season: Loungefly's Chucky Lenticular Mini Backpack!

Loungefly's Chucky Backpack

The latest in a series of Loungefly Chucky bags and accessories, the Chucky Lenticular Mini Backpack is inspired by creator Don Mancini's iconic horror franchise and it's latest iteration, the Chucky series from NBCUniversal. The 9” W x 10.5” H x 4.5” D bag features the iconic character's face on the front, with the lenticular effect changing so it either looks like the innocent doll, or with just a slight shift, the murderous face of the possessed serial killer version. 

Just below the face is the doll's iconic denim overalls outfit making up the zippable pocket. It features real red buttons and the origin doll's Good Guys logo stitched into the bag. Attached to the zipper is a tiny metal knife that tips off that maybe this whole backpack isn't quite right. 

Details of Loungefly's Chucky Backpack

The side pockets are decked out to reflect the overall Good Guy theme. One pocket has the most innocent of Chucky doll accessories, like a baseball hat, ball, and bat. On the other pocket, there's the dark side of the character as represented by a hammer, knife, and scissors.

Details of Loungefly's Chucky Backpack
Details of Loungefly's Chucky Backpack

The back of the mini back pack features the doll's signature tagline: “He wants you as a best friend" in yellow lettering.

Details of Loungefly's Chucky Backpack that says "He wants you as a best friend"

Inside, there's a coordinating fabric interior lining that repeats the side pocket tool icons, mixed together.

Details of Loungefly's Chucky Backpack

Other details include silver-colored metal hardware, adjustable straps, vegan leather (polyurethane), applique, along with embroidered and printed details. 

Loungefly's Chucky Lenticular Mini Backpack is $90 and will be available for purchase in September from Fans looking to purchase can head to in order to be notified of the exact date this product drops. 

In the meantime, you can get caught up on the first full season of SYFY's Chucky streaming now on Peacock. And keep an eye out for more news on the third season of Chucky set to arrive at some point during the 2023-2024 broadcast season. We still don't have exact details on when the new season will drop, but in the meantime, we've got these new Chucky accessories, and that'll have to do.