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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

The oil fields of Fear the Walking Dead

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

We open on a flashback of Logan, back when he was trying to help people. He gets a call from a woman named Serena at mile marker 65, but doesn't get there in time to help her. As he lays outside, crying into the sand, a quintet of horseback riders come up to him. Led by Ginny, she lures him in with the promise that what they want is the same as what he wants, only bigger and better.

Returning to the present, we are at the oil fields, where Annie, Max, and Dylan are assisting Luciana and Wendell in turning oil into gasoline. Logan and his people show up (they found the oil field by looking at the raw footage that Al hid in the bank vault) and take our group hostage. Inexplicably, they find Clayton's journals, burn them, and then expect Luci to continue the cook. She agrees, as long as the kids get to leave.


Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Calls go out to Logan's dude, as well as Alicia and Strand, and John and June. Logan's dude is going to be delayed - he has encountered a roadblock which turns out to be a trap by Sarah and Dwight. They use the dude as a Trojan horse to get into the oil fields without drawing notice. Then John reveals himself as a sniper sitting on the upper banks. He is only taking out zombies for now, but his sharp-shooting serves as a warning. Alicia and Strand, meanwhile, head to mile marker 65 to help a young woman who just called in an SOS. This mimics Logan's cold-open story, and sees them rushing on foot after their car runs out of gas.

June radios down, warning those in the oil field that they have to get out of there. The fire is too big, and it is bringing in zombies from everywhere. They start falling off the cliff into the oil field like lemmings. It is slow to start, but more and more zombies come. John takes them out as fast as he can, but it is starting to become a problem. June again calls for them to clear out, but Logan is concerned - he has a "contract."

The crew finally starts to leave. A zombie is clutching onto Logan's leg. He begs Doris to take care of it for him, but she is over this and leaves. Sarah, feels guilty for her part in Logan's evil-ing and refuses to leave him alone. She drags him into an office to try to wait it out. They get the call from the woman at mile marker 65 - the same truck stop that Logan was headed to before he gave up hope. He tells her there is a gun there, he left it there. But there is only one bullet. The woman understands, and prepares herself to shoot.

But one gunshot is followed by several others. It turns out Wes has come back to help her. He decided that, after Alicia's kindness, he wants to "pay it forward." Alicia and Strand eventually make it to the truck stop, and the woman admits she ran away from her group because she "can't be with them anymore." Alicia promises her protection. She is part of the Caravan Crew now (or whatever they call themselves).


Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

As daylight comes, the zombie invasion is over... for now. Everyone comes out of hiding, and it is back to where we left things: Logan's group drawing guns on our group. Logan eventually convinces his group to lower their guns, vowing that this will still be their ticket to the "promise land." Suddenly, sniper bullets kill Logan and every one of his people.

Ginny has arrived, and she has hundreds of people with her. She steps forward and explains that Logan could no longer be trusted. She has been watching our group and thinks they can all help each other. Ginny likens her group to pioneers, they have people everywhere, and they can help our group: find Dwight's wife, find June a safe home, find Sarah a place to brew. All they want in return (for now) is help in keeping the oil fields going. June is not comfortable with this: "We've seen what you do with people who make deals with you." Dwight says they will take their chances without Ginny's group. Wendell suggests if she wants the oil, she cook it herself. Ginny raises her hand and her group raises their guns, waiting for her cue. It's a stand-off that Luci eventually ends when she volunteers to stay behind and teach them how to cook the oil. But her friends get to leave with a tanker full of gas.

Logan wasn't always terrible

As we see at the beginning of this episode, Logan was a bleeding heart, doing whatever he could to save a girl named Serena from death. It is sad that this incident seemed to ruin him for helping people. Of course, it could have also been him meeting Ginny at a dark moment... but we still don't know what is going on with Ginny and her gang...

Sarah is responsible for Serena's death

It turns out that Serena was on Clayton's route. Logan tried to alert Clayton about her need for help, but he didn't answer. Logan tried to get to her, but was too far and he couldn't reach her in time. Clayton didn't answer because he was being attacked by Sarah. Ergo, Sarah can be blamed for all of this Logan nonsense.


Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Zombie work force

This is perhaps the most brilliant thing I have ever seen on either Walking Dead. The humans used the zombies as a work force. Using a white rat in a cage as the literal carrot on a stick, the zombies are tied up to a wheel. They stumble forward, trying to get the rat, and in doing so, create energy. It is an endless supply, too. Zombies don't get tired, don't need to eat, don't have a union... it's perfect.