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A beach vacation becomes a deadly mystery in trailer for Peacock comedy-thriller 'The Resort'

Check in to The Resort and get a little mystery with your vacation.

By Matthew Jackson
The Resort PRESS

Mysteries in exotic locales are a staple of the thriller genre, but what if that mystery is combined with a pair of love stories, a coming-of-age tale, and the story of a married couple who are trying to find their spark again? That's the pitch behind The Resort, the new time-hopping comedy-thriller series hitting Peacock next month, and today, the first trailer gave us a peek at what to expect. 

The Resort begins with Noah (The Good Place's William Jackson Harper) and Emma (Made for Love's Cristin Milioti), a couple who decides to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary at a beautiful resort on the Yucatan peninsula. It's a gorgeous, all-inclusive place, but Noah and Emma aren't necessarily in the same celebratory mood. The marriage has grown stale, Emma has trouble remembering the person she was when she first got married, and things are generally just a little down. That changes when Emma finds an old cell phone in the jungle, a phone with a connection to a 15-year-old mystery involving a missing guest who was never tracked down. With a clue in hand, Emma and Noah decided to try to get to the bottom of the mystery themselves, in the hope that maybe it'll change how they feel about their lives along the way. 

In the trailer, which you can check out below, we get that setup and much more, as The Resort lays the groundwork for its comedy storytelling while also ratcheting up the tension. 

The series, which will arrive in the form of eight half-hour episodes, hails from Palm Springs writer Andy Siara, who noted that he'd always wanted to make a big-budget Universal adventure film with a similar tone. Now, he's getting that sense of scale and adventure on Peacock, Universal's sister venue. 

"The Resort is about a lot of things," Siara said. "There are big swings, and little swings. It’s someone looking back on their life and trying to remember the good times, mixed with a 5-year-old playing with toys in the backyard. It never takes itself too seriously, but sometimes it gets pretty serious. I guess, at its core, it’s about people who want to go back to a time in life when things seemed a bit easier, before the hard parts of life keep piling up. It’s about people who are trying to recapture that feeling of home. And within that, there’s a big mystery."

We'll get to the heart of that mystery when The Resort checks into Peacock on July 28.