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Tim Allen's St. Nick retires in holly jolly trailer for 'The Santa Clauses' on Disney+

The first two episodes of The Santa Clauses land on Disney+ Nov. 16.

By Josh Weiss

Ho! Ho! Ho! For many '90s kids, Tim Allen isn't just the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story series, he's also the jolliest resident in all of the North Pole. Allen's longtime tenure as Scott Calvin — aka St. Nick — in the Santa Clause film trilogy between 1994 and 2006 turned him into a holiday icon that audiences won't soon forget — even as they grow older.

Disney+ taps into that festive nostalgia with the official trailer for the streamer's follow-up TV show, The Santa Clauses, which finds Scott hanging up his beard and red coat when the kids he once delivered gifts to start growing up and losing their Christmas spirit. Besides, he'd also like the chance to spend more time with his family after nearly three decades of bringing joy to others. 

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Despite his best efforts to adjust to everyday life, however, Mr. Calvin can't seem to outrun his ingrained appetite for cocoa and cookies. Nevertheless, Scott names a successor Santa, but finds out the hard way that not everyone is cut out for the gig. When holiday cheer and elves start to vanish, the man who once tried to avoid the calling of the reindeer-pulled sleigh leaps into action with the help of old friends like Bernard (David Krumholtz).

Watch the trailer now:

"As I walked on set for the first time in the full regalia, everybody got very quiet, both adults and kids," Allen told Entertainment Weekly over the summer. "When I show up dressed in the full suit and everything else, there's big smiles on people's faces. Little kids are quiet. I had totally forgotten that. It does feel like Santa's in the room." 

Elizabeth Mitchell (Carol/Mrs. Claus), Elizabeth Allen-Dick (Sandra), Devin Bright (Noel), Austin Kane (Cal), Matilda Lawler (Betty), Rupali Redd (Grace) and Kal Penn (Simon Choksi) round out the cast. Modern Family and 30 Rock alum Jack Burditt serves as showrunner and executive producer. Allen is also an EP with Kevin Hench, Richard Baker, Rick Messina, Jason Winer, and Jon Radler.

The first two episodes (there are six in all) of The Santa Clauses land on Disney+ Wednesday, Nov. 16. The original trilogy is now streaming.


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