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Grandpa bites it in creepy new clip from Shudder's vampire horror flick, The Shed

By Jeff Spry
shed banner

Shudder, AMC's horror-themed premium streaming channel, is serving up some late-summer scares this week with The Shed, a fun new vampire horror flick from director Frank Sabatella (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet) — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive peek at the horrendous happenings inside an innocent run-down tool shack.

The Shed opens its demented doors starting Thursday, Aug. 27, and revolves around a teen named Stan and his best buddy Dommer, who must endure unrelenting torment from mouth-breathing bullies at high school. However, that all soon changes when they discover a bloodthirsty vampiric creature that resides in a humble country shed. Now the murderous demon that's taken refuge inside the shack will help them take revenge when they hatch a sinister plan.

Take a peek at grandpa getting his just deserts in this exclusive creepy clip that may just keep you wary of any ramshackle yard structure with a groaning beast trapped inside. (Warning: Some bloody imagery in the clip, courtesy of some nasty vampire shenanigans.)

The Shed was an official selection at the Sitges International Film Festival and the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival and stars Jay Jay Warren, Cody Kostro, Sofia Happonen, Frank Whaley, and Timothy Bottoms.


"I set out to create a horror film that was fun, cool, and meaningful but most of all make vampires feel scary again," Sabatella tells SYFY WIRE. "In recent years most vampires on screen have been either very sexy and smooth or more on the comedic side. I wanted to take vampires seriously and make them deadly, vicious, and primal, letting those elements work together to create the horror and be the catalyst for drama and tragedy.

"We shot The Shed in Syracuse, N.Y, and it was an amazing location and an incredibly fun shoot. We found this awesome abandoned house by accident that was not on our location scout list. Once we located the property owners and made our offer, they were happy to let us shoot there and do whatever we wanted to the house. Which included cutting holes in the walls, mounting lights directly into ceiling beams, and cutting a gigantic hole in the ceiling to create an entrance to an attic where there was none."

shed poster

The Shed was inspired by some of Sabatella's favorite vampire films, like The Lost Boys, Fright Night, Near Dark, and the '70s TV miniseries of Salem’s Lot.

"I drew a lot of atmosphere inspiration from Near Dark and the burning effect on the vampires as well," he adds. "The Lost Boys gave me inspiration for some of the tone and style of the film and the look of the vampires as they evolve. Fright Night influenced some of the concept of the 'boy vs. vampire' aspect, and Salem’s Lot inspired the imagery and tone of the writing. Stephen King is a huge influence on my work and how his brand of horror is often inflicted on ordinary small-town people."

The Shed begins streaming at Shudder on Aug. 27.