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The team goes to Hell, Constantine is Jack the Ripper in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore
Constantine Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends’ search for the Loom of Fate continues this week, and the quest sends Constantine and Zari back in time to a hotel booked with evil encores. So they decide to go undercover for a bit.

Spoilers ahead for “The Great British Fake Off,” the latest episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Tuesday, April 28, 2020, on The CW.

We get some truly fresh twists in the mission to recover the three rings that make up the Loom of Fate, which Constantine plans to use to bring back Astra’s late mother (along with the recently deceased Legend team member Behrad). The team now has two of the three rings, but Charlie reveals the final ring was hidden by an ancient sorceress for her — so yeah — it might be a bit hard to find. Constantine casts a spell to track it down, and nearly has it, but falls into a portal along with Zari while trying to grab it. The portal drops them back in time, where they’re greeted by a whole host of encores who have also been sent to track down the ring.

It turns out the reason they can’t find the ring is that they’re looking for it, as Constantine figures out it’s a twist on the magic to hide the ring. Basically, you have to not be looking for it or thinking about it to actually find it.

So instead of trying to fight a house full of Hell’s worst killers while trying not to search for the ring, Constantine knocks out Jack the Ripper and takes his place at the table, while Zari plays dress-up as Cleopatra to get in on the ruse. It actually kinda works for a while, until the real Jack is discovered and the encores turn on Constantine. Thankfully, Zari taps into her totem powers just in time to save the day, helping free Constantine and almost kissing the master of the dark arts in the heat of the moment. That near-kiss distracts Constantine enough that he manages to spot the ring across the room. Yep, they found it.

The rest of the team head to Hell to figure out what’s going on with all the encores, where they make an interesting discovery: It turns out Charlie’s fateful sisters have been playing a few sides of the story here. Remember the mysterious woman in Hell who raised Astra and has been pulling the strings down there? She’s actually the third Fate, and she’s been grooming Astra to take Charlie’s place among the Fates once they recover the rings for themselves. Instead of going along with that plan, though, Astra joins up with the Legends and heads topside to the world of the living to help them find the Loom, so Constantine can bring her mother back to life. Yeah, it’s twisty.

Throughout all this chaos, Sara is sidelined, after falling unconscious mysteriously. This presumably has something with her surviving that direct blast of god-like power from Charlie’s sister last week, but it leaves Ava in charge of the Legends and running the show. Which is always fun.

Of note: We know the OG version of Zari had a thing for Nate, but could they be setting up a bit of a love triangle between Nate/Zari/Constantine here? Or was this just one of those “Constantine is sexy to everyone” kind of moments that’ll get largely forgotten an episode or two down the line? Hard to say at this point.

Also, it seems Astra will be along for the ride at least to wrap up the Loom hunt, though Constantine seemed plenty shocked by that turn of events when he found her onboard.

That glut of encores did provide one good thing — the team now has plenty of new hell weapons, including some guns. Those will no doubt come in handy down the line.

Next week: Rory brings his estranged daughter to work on the next mission. That will surely go … well?