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Krampus tries to kill Christmas in new Titan's Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Holiday Special

By Jeff Spry
Doc Who Hero

Besides reindeer, sleighbells, and good old St. Nick, the most obvious signs that the yuletide season is upon us are the much-loved Doctor Who Christmas Specials absorbed on TV and in comic book form.

With no small-screen edition arriving down our collective chimneys from BBC this year, Titan Comics is stepping in to fill the void. Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor Holiday Special #1 landed in November, whetting our appetite for more tinseled time-tripping with Titan's second half of the story that leads "the fam" into the workshop lair of the notorious Anti-Santa, Krampus, and the dark-tinted creature's diabolical desire to drain all the love out of Christmas.

Who Holiday 1

Here the conclusion to the wintry tale arrives from writer Jody Hauser (Stranger Things) and Italian artist Roberta Ingranata (Witchblade) on Dec. 18 in Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Holiday Special #2, with The Doctor and her intrepid companions trying to save Christmas from a calculated coup by the cranky beast called Krampus. Is the new Doctor listed in the Naughty or nice list? Is Santa somehow involved in stopping this devious enterprise?

Joining the festive creative party are colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini and variant cover artists Will Brooks, Blair Shedd, and Claudia Caranfa.

Who Holiday Slice 6

The strange tale picks up after The Doctor, Ryan, Yaz, and Graham are infected with false memories revolving around an intergalactic theme park as the gang attempts to decipher the truth on a weird planet where an alien called Friffle is trying to save his poor species from forced labor by a mysterious red-robed figure named Mr. Henderson.

Who Holiday Slice 2

"Working with Jody is always fantastic, her dialogue feels so real," Ingranata tells SYFY WIRE on her team-up with Hauser. "It's like having the real actors of the TV series themselves in the room! Like any Christmas special, I hope that the atmosphere, the snow, and the Doctor's adventure will bring joy to every reader! Even only half of what I felt when I drawn it."

Who Holiday Slice 3

"I believe that the union between Jody, Enrica and me is very strong, and this is seen in the Comics," she adds. "We are three Doctor Who fans and we have fun when we work on it. I hope our enthusiasm comes through from the page!"

Now join the feast of Doctor Who delights in our exclusive peek at Titan's Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Holiday Special #2 in our gallery below, with The Doctor and her entourage encountering a candy-cane swinging elf named Baxter who'll lead them into Krampus' pad to thwart his evil machinations.