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SYFY WIRE Important Toy News

Important Toy News: Monsters, ghouls, villains and spooky things haunt this week

By Loryn Stone
important toy news 5-27

Welcome back to Important Toy News, the SYFY WIRE column that shows you all the best and coolest happenings in the world of amazing toys and collectibles for the week.

Join me, your resident if not favorite Toy Journalist, as we take our weekly dive back into the toy box for another roundup of toys, collectibles, shelf candy, desk decorations, tchotchkes, and more. And this week, we're starting off by celebrating a very important half-holiday with Funko, who gives us the annual reminder that Halloween is on its way...

Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Train


Welcome to Funkoween! We are halfway to Halloween and Funko is doing something Spooktacular to celebrate it — giving fans Halloween and villain-themed toys! Every day this week, Funko has revealed new creatures and creations from some of your favorite horror-themed (or naughty character-themed) franchises! Funko kicked off the reveals with Disney villains and Halloween-inspired toys to make sure we were all good and ready for the fun. The newest reveals include figures from The Nightmare Before Christmas, some great Gremlins goodies, and even Vincent Price! Entertainment Earth is participating in this event, and you can see what stock remains right here. Many of these Pop! vinyl figures cost $10.99 (though more grandiose ones are higher) and have a shipping date of summer 2021.



Over the last few years, Mondo has risen quickly to become one of my favorite creators of collectibles. They started with their highly sought-after art prints and apparel and moved into the toy sphere. However, I use the term "toy" very lightly — these are truly pieces of art. Most notably (OK, or at least the ones I notice most) have been Mondo's Masters of the Universe and Iron Giant lines. Standing 12 inches tall and clocking in at a premium price, Mondo's pop culture-inspired figures are always a sight to behold. And now, Mondo is announcing a seriously righteous 1:6 scale Hordak from Masters of the Universe. Featuring an awesome updated look to his armor and weapons, this figure is highly detailed. Hordak also comes with a removable cape, staff, crossbow, and four pairs of swappable hands. I have to smirk at the fact that he has a self-portrait on his uniform. You can pre-order Hordak from Mondo directly for $230 — it's expected to ship in September 2021.

Hasbro Marvel Legends John F Walker


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier may have ended, but that will not stop us from collecting awesome TFATWS toys, figures, apparel, and more. After months of teasing that it was on its way, Hasbro and Marvel finally revealed the Marvel Legends Captain America John F. Walker edition! In typical Marvel Legends fashion, this figure stands 6 inches tall, features premium articulation, and many fantastic paint and character details. Accessories include a secondary head sculpt and a shield. This specific figure is a Walmart exclusive, but fortunately, there are still some available! You can order it today from Walmart for $22.88 and it will ship early August 2021.

Funko Games Goonies Never Say Die


BABY RUTH IS RIGHT! It's our time, down here with Funko Games — and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. The Goonies: Never Say Die is on its way and this board game already has little Easter eggs, booby traps, and deep-dive treats that will make fans of the beloved '80s movie happy. "This story-driven strategy game from acclaimed design studio, Prospero Hall, is perfect for fans of classic role-playing games, while the fully scripted gameplay is streamlined to allow the charm of The Goonies to excite every fan of the film with no previous experience required," Funko Games states in an official press release. "[You can] start off the summer in style and reunite with your friends and family to watch the original kids on bikes classic, and play along with The Goonies: Never Say Die." It is available for pre-order at Target today and hits shelves early this Summer for $34.99.

The Op Games D-and-D-MN_PR_WEB


Since we're on the topic of board games based on wildly popular pop culture franchises, let's take a look at a Monopoly reveal from The OP Games! Now, mighty warrior, you can heed the call to slay monsters in Monopoly: Dungeons & Dragons. So, what are the specs on this monster? Monopoly: Dungeons & Dragons contains 22 infamous D&D monsters as property spaces. Via The OP, "The Bugbear, Demogorgon, Beholder, and more [are] awaiting you to buy, sell, and trade them on the custom illustrated board, which features a fateful and fiery faceoff at its center." And, if you can't get enough of Dungeons & Dragons splashed all over different games, make sure to check out CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons, also available from The OP today.