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A new home becomes a nightmare in latest trailer for Amazon's horror anthology 'Them'

By Matthew Jackson

Horror stories in which the human monsters are often just as frightening as the supernatural ones have felt especially potent lately, particularly when seen through the eyes of Black creators like Jordan Peele, Misha Green, and now, Little Marvin. Marvin's entry into the horror genre is Amazon's new original streaming project Them, and as the first trailer proves, it's setting itself up as a terrifying journey through American racism from the point-of-view of one family looking for a better life. 

Billed as an anthology series that will tell a new story every season, the first season of Them follows the Emory family as they move from Jim Crow-era North Carolina to California, where they hope to make a better life for themselves as one of many Black families undertaking the "Great Migration" of the mid-20th century. But as the family settles into their beautiful new California home, they quickly find the neighbors aren't particularly happy to see them there.

The odd looks and staring from across the street begin right away, but that's only the start of what's to come. As the tension-filled trailer below proves, dirty looks soon give way to more savage reactions — and not all of them are necessarily human.

Check out the trailer here:

The first two episodes of the series premiered last week at SXSW to an overwhelmingly positive reaction, and it's easy to see why. Them is a show that takes the time-honored trope of evil lurking beneath a seemingly idyllic new life and twists it in ways both visually terrifying and emotionally devastating, digging into everything from racist tropes of the mid-20th century to the horrors of basements to the ways in which monstrous racist violence made its way out into the open on a regular basis.

It all adds up to what looks like a can't-miss series.

Them premieres April 9 on Amazon Prime video. 

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