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The Hidden World has more secrets in trailer for 'Dragons: The Nine Realms' Season 2

The modern day Dragonriders are back for more adventures.

By Matthew Jackson
Alex, D'Angelo, Tom, Wu & Wei, and Jun from Dragons: The Nine Realms

Though it's been three years since the last big-screen installment, the How to Train Your Dragon franchise remains alive and well in the world of animation on the small screen. Introduced last year, Dragons: The Nine Realms is the latest phase of the family fantasy saga, offering a new twist on the mythology from the films. Now, Season 2 is almost here, and it promises even more adventures for modern-day Dragonriders.

In case you haven't been introduced to this incarnation of Dragons just yet: The Nine Realms is a series set more than 1,000 years after the events of the last film: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. That Hidden World, and the dragons it contains, is still alive and well centuries after the film, and some of its secrets are revealed when a comet hits Earth and opens up a mysterious fissure. While a corporation named ICARIS is determined to explore the fissure and expose all its secrets, all of the biggest mysteries are only revealed to a kid named Tom (Jeremy Shada) and his friends. When they begin to explore the fissure, the kids realize that it's the pathway to the hiding place of dragons, and that they have the potential to be the next generation of Dragonriders.

Season 2, arriving on Peacock and Hulu next month, picks up where the events of Season 1 left off, as the Dragonriders continue to explore the Hidden World, discovering new dragons and protecting their secret from the adults of ICARIS, who are pushing their expeditions deeper into the fissure. Meanwhile, Tom is determined to learn more about his own Viking heritage and what it means for his relationship with the dragons, which makes some of his friends a little suspicious. Oh, also, there's a dragon that vomits lava, which seems like it could be important. Check it out:

The second season features the returning voice talents of Jeremy Shada, Julia Stiles, Marcus Scribner, Aimee Garcia, Ashley Liao, Lauren Tom, Keston John, Justina Machado, and D'arcy Carden, along with new co-star Haley Joel Osment.

The new season of Dragons: The Nine Realms debuts May 5 on Peacock and Hulu.