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Trailer for Blumhouse's Prey reveals an island retreat gone horribly wrong

By Matthew Jackson
Prey movie Kristine Froseth

We often think of deserted islands in terms of absolute solitude. We ask ourselves what books or movies we'd take with us, contemplate the things we couldn't live without, because the whole point of a deserted island is that it's deserted. It's a place for peaceful contemplation and the kind of alone time we never get on the mainland. In the new horror thriller Prey, though, a young man encounters a supposedly deserted island that's anything but. 

In the new trailer for the film by director Franck Khalfoun (P2Amityville: The Awakening), we meet Toby (Logan Miller), a young man recovering from a family tragedy who is sent to an uninhabited island as part of a program designed to help him recover. The idea is he will camp there for three days and three nights, all alone, and hopefully come away having learned something about himself. He soon discovers the island is definitely not uninhabited when he meets Madeleine (Kristine Froseth), a young woman who claims she's been living on the island with her mother since she was a little girl. Kristine knows all about the various dangers Toby needs to avoid, and helps him acclimate to life on the island, but there's more to fear than just snakes. Something else is on the island with them, something that seems to be hunting, and what began as a simple journey into solitude becomes a fight for their lives. 

The trailer, which dropped Wednesday, relies heavily on the tension that comes from wandering an unfamiliar landscape and realizing you're not alone, and it keeps whatever happens to be hunting our two heroes to the shadows. The result is intriguingly creepy. Check it out. 

Prey hails from production companies Hyde Park Entertaintment, ImageNation, and Blumhouse. According to Bloody Disgusting, which premiered the trailer on Wednesday, it will be released in a limited theatrical run and On Demand on September 27, just in time for the Halloween season.