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Helen Hunt says 'Twister' sequel would have had HBCU students shooting rockets at tornadoes

By Nivea Serrao

Looks like we're stuck in the "suck" zone — or at least a slightly different version of it! 

Turns out that as recently as last year, Twister star Helen Hunt tried to get a sequel made to the 1990 fan-favorite thriller — in which she and Bill Paxton (RIP) play a broken-up storm-chasing husband and wife who are attempting to settle their divorce while also going after a tornado. But as the Oscar-winning actress (for 1997's As Good as It Gets) revealed in a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, not many studios have been receptive.

"We could barely get a meeting," she explained about the movie-that-could-still-be. "And this was in June of 2020, when it was all about diversity. And it would have been so cool."

She went on to add, "There's an HBCU near Nashville, where we wanted it to take place. And a rocket science club. And in this one, they shoot the rockets up into the tornado. It was going to be so cool!" 

Had the sequel taken place, Hunt, who recently appeared in Starz's Blindspotting series, would have directed and co-written it with that show's producers, Daveed Diggs (Snowpiercer) and Rafael Casal (Are You Afraid of the Dark?). The plan would have been to feature an inclusive cast of Black and brown actors to play the storm chasers at the heart of the film. 

According to Hunt, she would have also returned to act in the feature, and hinted that her character, Dr. Jo Harding, could have possibly perished via tornado in the opening scene. 

This wouldn't have been the only Twister-related project twirling around, either. It was reported last year that there is a reboot in the works, though no news has emerged since. However, there have been some scientists examining the classic movie to check whether the science depicted within is real or not.

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