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WIRE Buzz: Uglies Netflix adaptation from McG; L.A. Comic Con plans; Marvel's 616 trailer

By Jacob Oller
New York Comic Con

YA dystopia Uglies is finally coming to the screen thanks to The Babysitter franchise helmer McG and star Joey King.

The pair will bring the hit novel from Scott Westerfeld (about a world where everyone gets teenage operations to all be "beautiful") to Netflix, according to Deadline. McG will direct from Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff's script.

Basically, it's a war between the Uglies (those who haven't gotten the surgery yet) and the Pretties — as easy a critique of superficiality as possible. More Divergent than Hunger Games, the tale of Tally Youngblood (whom King is almost definitely playing, unless some major script changes are coming) has been a fan favorite for a while.

No word on when the film will begin production, but with its star and key creative crew determined, things should pick up quickly.

Next, while San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con have both gone completely virtual in response to the widespread coronavirus pandemic, some smaller cons are trying to keep live action alive. At least for now.

L.A. Comic Con is planning to move forward with its December event at the L.A. Convention Center ... though it's currently illegal to hold such a gathering in California. Maybe these folks trying to sell tickets and passes to fans know better than healthcare experts and lawmakers, but it's more likely that they'll end up having to refund everyone's purchases.

“Under current state health guidelines, conventions are not allowed,” Doane Liu, the executive director of the Los Angeles Department of Convention and Tourism Development, told the L.A. Times. “It’s not known when they will be allowed.”

While the con's website has plenty of health guidelines (mask requirements, etc.), the convention is likely jumping the gun here. Despite its refund guarantee, releasing plans and holding sales for this event is arguably premature — especially when the con will also livestream its main panels.

Finally, the Disney+ anthology docuseries Marvel's 616 has released its first trailer.

The series features different ways Marvel comics have impacted those in and out of the entertainment world, featuring plenty of Marvel talking heads along the way. Directors Gillian Jacobs and Paul Scheer previously pulled back the curtain on the series for its Comic-Con@Home panel, but now fans can check out all the topics the show will cover.

Take a look:

From comic history to female writers to cosplay to the oddballs and Z-listers waiting for their own adaptation, Marvel's 616 has something for comic fans of every persuasion.

Marvel's 616 hits Disney+ on Nov. 20.