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A wealth of classified UFO files landing soon, thanks to United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense

By Jeff Spry

Watch the skies! Ufologists across the pond and beyond are all abuzz with recent news from The Telegraph that the U.K.'s Ministry of Defense (MoD) is preparing to release a massive treasure chest of classified UFO documents into the public domain in 2020. This revealing offering should keep researchers, scientists, astronomers, conspiracy theorists, and amateur E.T. sleuths busy for years to come!

The U.K.'s official government investigation of flying saucers dates back to 1950, when an organization named the Flying Saucer Working Party began poking around and cataloging eyewitness encounters, random sightings, abduction cases, alleged hoaxes, physical evidence, and photographic proof of UFOs in England and Scotland.

ufo 4

Eventually folding into a governmental entity and continuing its research until 2009, when it was shut down due to funding and inconclusive findings, this Royal Air Force (RAF) department documented and investigated hundreds of paranormal reports revolving around the existence of extraterrestrial visitors. Now the entire collection of these formerly classified files on UFO sightings will be available free to the public for the first time at a dedicated web page.

Some of the final 2009 reports registered prior to the scrapping of the entire project and data base were from Bristol, where a resident saw a "large spherical object, bright orange in colour. Much bigger than any plane or helicopter," which "glowed brightly all over. Was completely soundless." Another report came from Bedfordshire, where a citizen complained of "two UFOs. Orange globes that moved near together then separated and very gradually disappeared." And another from Surrey, where an alarmed person witnessed "nine green lights in the sky."

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The U.K. has long been known by ufologists to be a nexus of UFO activity, especially during the 1950s and 1960s, when the invader frenzy was at its peak, and it seemed like luminous flying disks, cigar-shaped silver spaceships, and whirring alien machines were literally falling out of the skies if public accounts were to be believed.

Some of the more notorious regions where UFO encounters were observed on the historic isle include Wiltshire, where crop circle formations and saucer sightings have been reported around Warminster since the '50s; Liverpool, hometown of the Beatles, considered by experts to be the U.K.'s top E.T. sighting hotspot; Scotland's Bonnybridge, one of the most frequently visited areas on the planet for UFO appearances, with an average of 300 sightings per year; and the famous Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980, with its touchdown of an alien spacecraft witnessed by members of a nearby air force base.

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No guarantees that all of these strange UFO tales to astonish will be included in the government's online data dump arriving later this year, but rest assured that the truth is out there somewhere.