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Ultramega: Humans mutate into killer kaiju in Skybound/Image's wild new sci-fi series

By Jeff Spry
mega hero

After wrangling colossal monsters and super-sized demons in titles like B.P.R.D. and Rumble, comic book creators James Harren and Dave Stewart are back with a fresh series centered around a cosmic plague that mutates ordinary people into rampaging creatures bent on absolute destruction. 

Published by Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment, Ultramega #1 collides with our planet on Mar. 17 in a giant-sized 68-page debut that's destined to dominate your pull shelf, with its band of brave warriors obligated to defend Mother Earth from aggressive kaiju that were previously human before the mysterious affliction struck them.

“I hope readers appreciate an honest stab at making visceral, surprising, and bizarre comics," Harren explained to SYFY WIRE about the new series. 


This rowdy new offering was first announced back in December at a special panel at Skybound Xpo during a discussion between Skybound’s Editor-in-Chief Sean Mackiewicz and online host Hector Navarro — and now SYFY WIRE is delivering an exclusive expanded preview of interior art to shake the sidewalks.

Harren acts as the main writer and penciller for this epic fantasy sci-fi project, with the multiple Eisner Award-winning colorist Dave Stewart — whose work has been seen in dozens of Mike Mignola-led Hellboy and Mignolaverse titles for Dark Horse over the years — dipping into his distinctive palette of shades and hues.

"It’s a celebration of the kinds of books I grew up reading — comics that move and curse and bleed," Harren added. "Skybound has given me the unbelievable privilege to play and experiment — and with any luck, deliver a book that doesn’t look like anything else. And Dave Stewart’s there to hit home runs and make the world a better place with his color art.”

ultra 5

In the realm of Ultramega, a space-born virus has quickly spread and transforms everyday citizens into towering, mega-violent monstrosities. To protect humanity from these killer kaiju, only the Ultramega — three individuals blessed with extraordinary powers — defend the doomed world against this unholy madness.

Their clashes raze cities and leave unspeakable insanity in their aftermath. As the final reckoning draws near for the Ultramega… the question of whether or not this a battle they can even win remains.


Now stomp into our exclusive preview of Skybound/Image's thunderous new sci-fi series in the full gallery below, including a dynamic variant cover by artist Tradd Moore. 

Ultramega #1 strikes comic shops and online outlets Mar. 17 in a double-stacked debut issue.