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WIRE Buzz: Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 trailer; D&D For Dems; GameMaster

By Jacob Oller
Unsolved Mysteries S2

Unsolved Mysteries, back from the dead thanks to Netflix's series reboot, is bringing another batch of true crimes and strange happenings in its second volume — and now fans can get their first look in its first trailer.

With six new cases to explore, the second season of the long-running franchise's revival looks to tackle ghosts, death row, and missing children. The trailer doubles down in its spooky reenactments and supernatural implications: this show is a macabre affair.

Take a look:

The directorial team for the second season as well as the episode titles have also been revealed. Don Argott will helm “Washington Insider Murder;” Robert M. Wise both “Death in Oslo" and “Death Row Fugitive;” Clay Jeter both “Death Row Fugitive” and “Tsunami Spirits;” Skye Borgman “Lady in the Lake;" and Jessica Dimmock "Stolen Kids."

Unsolved Mysteries returns to Netflix on Oct. 19.

Next, following in the footsteps of a recently announced fundraiser full of Star Trek stars, the Democratic party is looking to help one of its candidates for Congress by hosting a D&D night. What says "voting" like Dungeons & Dragons?

The event (dubbed "D&D for Dems") includes former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang, actors Erika Ishii and Zehra Fazal, Indian Matchmaking cast member Vyasar Ganesan, and the actual candidate herself, Donna Imam. Imam, an engineer, is running for the TX-3 seat and has the endorsements of Yang, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Julián Castro, and Beto O'Rourke.

Together, the group will participate in a live-play event of D&D streamed on Twitch on Oct. 12 at 7 PM CT.

Finally, Star Trek alum and all-around geek Wil Wheaton is hosting a reality competition all about video games.

Deadline reports that Wheaton will serve as the commissioner for the esports series GameMaster, which will air on both Amazon Prime and Twitch. The show won't focus on a single game, but rather 24 "major video games" which 12 amateur gamers will compete at. Someone goes home each week, with the final two battling for the $100K grand prize in a live finale.

The nine-part series was delayed by the coronavirus but will soon begin its pre-production in Atlanta on Nov. 9, with production shooting in Jan. 2021.