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SYFY WIRE Van Helsing

Van Helsing finally shows us what life is like behind the wall. For starters: The resistance is real

By Seth Garben
Who Will Win Dracula's Favor? | Episode 11 Highlight

Things are heating up in Van Helsingland as our heroes converge on the United States capital, where the seat of power of the free world is being wrongfully occupied by none other than that baddest of baddies: Dracula (Tricia Helfer).

Though she may be a devil in disguise, President Dark One has not been idle: She has turned D.C. into a desolate wasteland, where her whim is the law. However, in so doing, she has also given rise to a mounting resistance, and it just may be the added firepower our heroes need to thwart her. 

That is, if they can learn to trust each other long enough to wage a united assault.  

**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Van Helsing Season 5, Episode 11, "Undercover Mother."**

In the Oval Office, Dracula has convened a summit of the leaders of the various vampire broods, and executed them all post haste — for mutiny, pusillanimity, and just because she’s kinda ticked off they didn’t try to liberate her from the Dark Realm. 

But there’s one vampire who shows up late to the party, and for that, she’s spared: It’s Vanessa (Kelly Overton), disguised as Nina (Ali Liebert). She says she just killed the last of the Van Helsings for Dracula, and she’s got the blood to prove it.

Meanwhile, Ivory (Jennifer Cheon Garcia) and Jack (Nicole Muñoz) have been spirited through the coyote tunnels by one of President Davis’ biker-guards sent by Axel (Jonathan Scarfe), and end up on the other side of the wall. As promised, Jack finds a note in the sundial in Meridian Park, only it’s not from Axel… it’s from Vanessa. Mom’s back. 

Just then, one of the militants opposing Dracula’s dictatorship recognizes Ivory and Jack and invites them to meet the rest of the resistance. Surreptitiously, he takes them to a warehouse near the wall, where they meet the leader of the resistance: Sergeant Wethers, the ex-Army operative who had been presiding over the imprisoned Violet (Keeya King) and Ivory. She’s playing for the other team now.

Van Helsing

When the militant who recruited Jack and Ivory learns of Jack’s name, he regales her with the prophecy, passed down from generation to generation by his people, the Roma. According to the prophecy, there are two Jack Van Helsings: the one being Jack, the other Olivia’s baby, renamed Jack. It’s the latter Jack who becomes the “first” Van Helsing, and it’s he who is the primogenitor of the line of vampire hunters, of which Jack and Violet are the most recent scions.

If she plans on not being the last of the lineage, Jack’s going to have to find Bathory (Jesse Stanley), and fast. Vanessa, who learns of Jack’s presence in D.C. from Bathory and Dracula, leaves the White House to find Jack, and hatches a plan with her: She’ll lead Bathory to her, so she can bite her, turn her, and use her to take down Dracula. 

However, the plan soon goes awry. When Vanessa baits Dracula with Jack’s whereabouts, the Dark One sends Bathory instead of Vanessa to the warehouse, detaining Vanessa in the Oval Office with her. Vanessa wanted to be there to give Jack a hand; it looks like that possibility is out of the picture.

At the warehouse, the resistance is gearing up for a full-on battle — but not an ambush. Bathory and a battalion of Black Ops get the jump on them, and hell breaks loose. Ivory is the first one out, as Bathory drives a knife into her stomach. Jack arrives in time to see the carnage being wrought, and, surprisingly, offers herself up for surrender.  

Back at the Oval Office, Vanessa is able to feel Jack’s fear, and sense her danger. So, with her newfound powers, she manages to telekinetically hijack the Black Ops agents at the warehouse and turn them against Bathory. Bathory defends herself against their fusillades, but at a great cost; once weakened, she falls easily to a recovered Ivory’s sword, making her vulnerable to Jack’s bite. 

That’s when Bathory the bride of Dracula turns back to Bathory the vampire slayer we met at the beginning of this season. Only now she’s blind, confused, scared, and speaking only in Roma. Quite the culture shock. 

Dracula senses immediately Bathory has fallen and turns to who she thinks is Nina to exact retribution. Now, with little reason to go on hiding, Vanessa dispenses with the ruse and bites Dracula.

But will it take?

Jack Turns Bathory | Episode 11 Highlight

Episode 12 of Van Helsing airs later tonight on SYFY. The series finale is slated to air next Friday, June 25 at 10 p.m. ET.