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Blumhouse's 'The Visitor' pits 'Iron Fist' star Finn Jones against a dark doppelgänger in first trailer

The horror movie will be available on digital and on demand on Oct. 7.

By James Grebey
The Visitor Screenshot Trailer

You’d be forgiven for thinking a horror movie with a title like The Visitor is about some strange and scary invader coming into our protagonist’s home. However, Paramount Movies’ and Blumhouse's upcoming film by that name, which stars Iron Fist’s Finn Jones, seems to be taking a different approach. What if somebody only thinks they’re a visitor or a newcomer, but in reality, they’ve been there all along?

The movie, which will be released on digital and on demand on Oct. 7 ahead of a streaming debut on Epix in December, shared a trailer on Friday. The trailer has Robert (Jones) and his wife Maia (The Meg star Jessica McNamee) moving into her old childhood home in a small town. However, even though Robert didn’t grow up here, all the locals seem to recognize him, and there are old paintings of a man who looks just like him. 

According to the studio's description for The Visitor, the film follows Robert and his wife Maia after they move to her childhood home, and they discover an old portrait of his likeness in the attic - a man referenced only as ‘The Visitor.’ Before long he's descending down a frightening rabbit hole in an attempt to discover the true identity of this mysterious doppelgänger, before finally realizing there could be some terrible family secrets he never could've imagined.

As for Jones, though the first season of Iron Fist was a mess, Season 2 rebounded nicely before the show was axed. In the years since his stint in the MCU, he's popped up in Dickinson and Swimming With Sharks, and this finds him trying to break into the horror film side.

The Visitor is a Blumhouse production, with Jason Blum executive producing. Justin P. Lange directs. 

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