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WATCH: A playthrough of the Resident Evil 2 remake

By Jackie Jennings

Way back in 1998, Capcom proved that its survival horror title, Resident Evil, wasn’t just a fluke. Resident Evil 2 was an even better game than the original, and for the better part of two decades, fans have clamored for a Resident Evil 2 remake with modern graphics and gameplay. This week, the Resident Evil 2 remake was finally released to rave reviews. And we couldn’t resist trying it ourselves. As you can see in our latest video, SYFY WIRE’s own Jackie Jennings and Angelique Roche had a chance to play Resident Evil 2 before it came out (although we did get a little sidetracked by talking about the Resident Evil movies and Bubble Boy).

Resident Evil 2 makes a strong first impression on Jackie and Angelique as they guide Leon S. Kennedy through the Raccoon City Police Department. The graphics are stunning, and the game ratchets up the tension with sounds and the limited illumination from Leon’s flashlight. Although it’s a little difficult to get used to the game’s aiming system. Let’s just say that we quickly learned what happens when Leon is bitten by a zombie ... or even two zombies at once.

Admittedly, we didn’t get too far into the game before meeting a gruesome end. But we can’t say that we didn’t enjoy it! The Resident Evil 2 remake really recaptured the tone of the original, but it’s even scarier than before. Also, the weird art puzzles are back in the police station, which may make it difficult to get around. And for the next time we play this game, we’re definitely turning on the aim assist!

You check out our full playthrough for more details. Then leave a comment for us below!