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WATCH: American Gods' Ricky Whittle breaks down Season 2 Episode 8

By Tara Bennett

If you haven't watched American Gods through the end of this season, there are massive spoilers in this video. You've been warned.

At there's least one thing you know even if you've only seen one episode. You know a certain dead girl is trying to get Shadow back even if you haven't read the book — kind of like Ricky Whittle, who just told SYFY WIRE everything short of the actual script for Episode 8. What you might have been unaware of, especially if you didn't read the book, is that Laura is (or was) more human than she might let on.

"You always sensed that Laura was this cold, distant person," Whittle said referring to the flashback scene that goes back to a time when both of them were alive, "but we actually see them having fun and laughing together."

By the way, Shadow eating in that scene was Whittle's choice. He just loves eating that much.

Laura hasn't always come across as the most sympathetic character. She's a zombie, so there's that. Even in the first flashback earlier on in the season, when you see how she and Shadow met at the casino where she was the dealer who helped him cheat. That obviously turned him on.

What Whittle loves about Episode 8 is that you get to see him and Laura together when there was actual blood, not formaldehyde, flowing through her veins — and they actually have something going on (she only started cheating after he got shoved in prison). The actor feels the two characters care about each other, but aren't necessarily meant for each other.

That whole love-you-but-not-meant-for-you thing becomes painfully obvious when she stalks him across the country in her zombie state, getting stitched up at a funeral home and temporarily revived by voodoo along the way. Tragic.

If you've watched all of Season 2 or don’t mind earth-shattering spoilers, watch on.

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.