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WATCH C2E2: Marc Silvestri draws Wolverine and talks about his Batman project


In comic book circles, Marc Silvestri is known as one of the founding members of Image Comics. However, his career in comics dates back to 1981, and includes unforgettable runs on Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine. Since leaving Marvel, Silvestri has created Cyberforce, Witchblade, and dozens of other characters for his own studio, Top Cow. But on the C2E2 Live Stage, Silvestri decided to revisit his long stint on Wolverine by drawing Logan in front of an audience.

While speaking with SYFY WIRE host Angelique Roche, Silvestri spoke about his upcoming Batman comic for DC.

"I'm doing a Batman project right now, which is a Batman/Joker team-up, which is kind of fun because they have to work together against a new common enemy," said Silvestri. "There's just loads of comedy and drama inherent in that. And I approach Batman differently than I approach Wolverine."

Silvestri went on to compare Batman and Wolverine before sharing his conclusions about them.

"Batman is my favorite character, but let's admit what he is," noted Silvestri. "He's a sociopath. That's what he is. If were going to ask you who you wanted to be in a bar [with] and have a beer with, would it be Wolverine or Batman? I would say Wolverine, because he's the guy you can trust. You can hang out with him. He's got a code of honor and all that. Batman, you can't trust that guy, because he's after one thing: the bad guy. And he doesn't care what's between him and the bad guy. He'll shiv you in the back to get to the Joker."

Silvestri went on to explain his theory about what makes a great superhero, as well as his preference for traditional illustration over digital. But to hear the rest, you'll have to watch the entire video!