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WATCH C2E2: Terry Moore sketches Katchoo from Strangers in Paradise

By Jackie Jennings

In 1993, Terry Moore began working on his magnum opus, Strangers in Paradise. It was a groundbreaking comic for its time that blended slice of life stories with the crime genre. It also featured a leading character, Katina 'Katchoo' Choovanski, who was deeply in love with her best friend, Francine, and involved in a more complicated romance with her male friend, David. Same sex relationships weren't often explored in comics back then, and it was far from the only LGBTQ story within Moore's "Terryverse."

At C2E2 2019, Moore visited the Live Stage to draw a sketch of Katchoo while answering a few questions about his body of work. He even admitted that he almost wrote Katchoo out of the series for a surprising reason.

"Katchoo was really hard for me to draw in the beginning, and I thought about writing her out of the story," said Moore. "I was on the second or third issue of that series, Strangers in Paradise, and I thought 'this is too hard to draw her.'"

Moore also took the time to explain what led him to create Strangers in Paradise.

"I kind of wanted to make a romance story," noted Moore. "This was back in the early '90s... I didn't see the story I wanted about love triangles, but it was flipped. So I decided to try the story on my own, just for my own entertainment, to write a story about two women and a guy, and then all of their life and just live with them."

From that one series, Moore has spun off his own universe of characters and stories that will come together in a crossover miniseries, Five Years, which Moore will release in May.

Moore also shared other stories about the making of Strangers in Paradise, and you can watch the entire video to hear them!