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WATCH C2E2: Tim Seeley teases Valiant's new Bloodshot series

By Caitlin Busch

In just under a year, Valiant's Bloodshot is heading to the big screen with Vin Diesel in the title role. But before that happens, Valiant is launching a new Bloodshot ongoing series with writer Tim Seeley and artist Brett Booth; which will hit in September. At C2E2 2019, Seeley and Valiant Marketing Coordinator Gregg Katzman hit the Live Stage to preview Bloodshot's relaunch and give fans a reminder why they love the nearly unstoppable warrior.

"It's going to be sort of a distilled version for fans who have always loved the character, and also for new people interested in checking it out," said Seeley. "So we're going to try to give you a comic that's accessible and easy to jump into that takes all of the best things about that character and puts them right in the forefront."

Seeley also pointed out that the Bloodshot relaunch will have some comedic elements because the character doesn't necessarily have to be grim.

"There's a tendency to take that character very seriously to make him kind of dour, which I like too," admitted Seeley. "But there's also something inherently entertaining about action movie stuff. The most popular action movies have figured that out... The stuff that I grew up on in the '80s, they would have a special writer brought in just to write one-liners Arnold Schwarzenegger. I grew up with that in my DNA."

"It's still going to be a very high stakes and a very dramatic story," insisted Seeley. "It's about a guy who's sick of being used, but he can't stop himself from saving people. I think he's kind of a tragic hero."

For more intel on the new Bloodshot series, check out the entire video!