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Watch Chucky's unexpected, bloody first kill in SYFY & USA's new series

By Caitlin Busch
Watch Chucky's Unexpected First Kill in New SYFY & USA Series

It’s pretty common for blood to ick people out. One person who doesn’t have a problem with it? Chucky.

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On some level, that’s lucky for Jake Webber (Zackary Arthur), the star of SYFY & USA Network’s new Chucky series, especially when it comes to dissecting frogs in biology class. In this scene from Episode 1, though, Chucky might have been a bit too enthusiastic about taking up the scalpel. 

Not that anyone who’s followed Chucky’s journey throughout Don Mancini’s Child’s Play universe over the past three decades is surprised. This pint-sized terror has a penchant for all things bloody and brutal, and something tells us Jake and this unsuspecting small town are gonna learn that the hard way.

Did anyone expect Chucky’s first kill in this new series to be an extravagant frog autopsy? No, but it certainly won’t be his last. Check out Chucky’s other (inevitable) kills when his series premieres on SYFY & USA Network on Tues., Oct. 12 at 10/9c.