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WATCH ECCC: Deadly Class co-creator Wes Craig draws Marcus

By Mike Avila & Jackie Jennings

The SYFY original series Deadly Class is currently bringing in fans for its first season, but the show revisited its roots at ECCC 2019. Deadly Class co-creator Wes Craig joined SYFY WIRE hosts Mike Avila and Jackie Jennings on the ECCC Live Stage to talk about his comic book collaboration with Rick Remender while also sketching the main character, Marcus Lopez Arguello.

While Craig isn't as involved with the show on a day-to-day basis as Remender is, he still contributed to the TV series. Craig was also effusive with praise for Benjamin Wadsworth, the actor who portrays Marcus on the show.

"Seeing Benjamin play Marcus... everything about him in terms of how he looks and how he acts, it's like Marcus jumped out of my head and became like a real person," said Craig. "He just inhabits that role. Even just talking with him when the cameras aren't rolling, he has a lot of that Marcus character in him... So that's a trip."

The animated Las Vegas parts of episode five were largely inspired by Craig's work in the comic, and he told us how he helped the show bring that sequence to life.

"For that one specifically, the Las Vegas episode, I did a lot of work with Adam Kane, the director of that episode," recalled Craig. "We talked back and forth and we kind of 'this is how I see it, the camera is coming around this way.' And I would do storyboards for that... I got more directly involved on that Las Vegas episode."

Craig also shared several other Deadly Class tidbits, but you'll have to watch the video to get them all!