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WATCH ECCC: Noelle Stevenson talks She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 2

By Cher Martinetti

Comic writer Noelle Stevenson made a big splash with Lumberjanes, but she's making an even bigger impact on Netflix. Stevenson is the showrunner and executive producer of DreamWorks' She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the acclaimed reboot of the original series. While Stevenson and her collaborators are hard at work on Season 2, she took the time to hit the ECCC Live Stage and share her thoughts on making the series.

"I think [the reason] why She-Ra has remained in the popular zeitgeist as much as she has even before our show was developed is that I think [the characters] are very evocative," said Stevenson. "You want to know the story, you want to know what this wider universe is around the characters. It pulls you in, so that was something I did treat like playing with toys. Here are all of these amazing characters, I want to know more. What do these characters tell us about the world that they live in?"

Stevenson also told us that she researched the first She-Ra series, and she was particularly fascinated by the storylines that never made it into the original show. She also teased a few new and returning characters for the upcoming second season.

"There's a ton of cool new characters coming up even in Season 2 and beyond," noted Stevenson. "I am so excited for everyone to see some of the characters coming. Some of them are based on original She-Ra characters. A lot of them are, actually. Some of them we did make up on our own, but [they're] so much fun."

Additionally, Stevenson spoke passionately about the show's LGTB inclusion and why it is so important to her as a creator and a woman. To hear Stevenson's insights and more info about She-Ra, check out the entire video!