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WATCH ECCC: Overwatch voice actor Jonny Cruz just can't win in Overwatch

By Adam Swiderski

As an actor, Jonny Cruz has roles that date back to 2003. But in his long career, one of Cruz's most memorable parts was Lúcio in Blizzard's global phenomenon Overwatch. It's truly changed Cruz’s life and given him an expanded fanbase. However, Cruz can't quite match Lúcio's skills in the actual game. During his appearance on the ECCC Live Stage, Cruz admitted that he's just not very good at Overwatch. Surprisingly, Cruz had a robust gaming presence in his life that just didn't translate into this title.

"Growing up, all I did was play Nintendo, PlayStation day in and day out," said Cruz. "But at some point, I was like, 'I should go out and get a job.'"

Cruz’s lack of Overwatch skills haven't affected his joy at seeing the impact his character has had on its players.

"I think the biggest thing is you hope that something that you do will affect people positively," explained Cruz. "When that happens, the outpouring of appreciation has been overwhelming. To be appreciated for your work is always an actor's dream. For me, with Lúcio in particular, the fans that he brings are so loving and positive that I'm like, 'What a gift that I get to have these type of people as my fans ... This is overwhelmingly good."

Cruz also shared the memory of how he auditioned for the role and when he realized just how big Overwatch was going to become. But to hear those stories, you'll have to watch the entire video!