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WATCH ECCC: Pia Guerra gets political and teases Y: The Last Man TV series


In 2002, artist Pia Guerra and writer Brian K. Vaughan teamed up for Y: The Last Man, a groundbreaking Vertigo comic book series about the sole survivor of a plague that wiped out all other men and the female-driven world that it created. The series ran for 60 issues and inspired the upcoming FX live-action TV series. At ECCC 2019, Guerra appeared on the Live Stage with SYFY WIRE host Marc Bernardin to discuss her comics career while also teasing when the Y: The Last Man's television show might arrive.

"I'm thinking later this year or the start of the new year," said Guerra. "They did the pilot last fall, we got to visit the set a couple of times. It was amazing-looking, and we just got the green light last month, and it looks like it's gonna start filming in the summer."

After explaining why it took so long for Y to break out of development hell, Guerra discussed her involvement with the show.

"I'm technically supposed to be a consultant," noted Guerra. "They sent us the first draft of the script last year, and it was beautiful. There was a lot of changes they've made since; I have not seen those changes. That's about the extent of my involvement, except for after we visited, they let me know there's a scene in an animator's studio where they wanted some drawings from the table. So I'm like, 'Sure!' I drew a bunch of stuff and they just plastered the wall with it. It's going to be in the pilot episode."

Guerra noted that working on Y taught her about her limitations and also spoke about how she became an acclaimed political cartoonist, but you'll have to watch the whole video to see her explore that new side of her career.