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WATCH: Everything you didn't know about Galaxy Rangers


Even if you lived through the ‘80s, you may have forgotten about The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. For one glorious season in 1986, Galaxy Rangers borrowed from all sorts of westerns and sci-fi movies. There's also a surprising amount of Top Gun references, considering that the classic Tom Cruise flick only preceded it by a few months!

In the latest installment of SYFY WIRE's Everything You Didn't Know, we're taking an extended look back at Galaxy Rangers' bizarre premise, its strange cast of characters, and its catchy, Top Gun-esque theme song. Seriously, though, Johnny Vancouver's "No Guts, No Glory" is our new jam.

As noted in the video, the series featured a few '80s style alpha males working for an organization called BETA. But as far acronyms go, the Bureau for Extra-Terrestrial Affairs is pretty fair. The show's opening sequence helpfully set the scene: aliens came to Earth in 2086 to give humanity advanced interstellar technology in exchange for their protection from the Crown Empire... which really put the EVIL in 'evil empire.'

Future Law & Order star Jerry Orbach headlined the series as Zachary Foxx, the captain of the Galaxy Rangers. He was joined Shane "Goose" Gooseman, Walter "Doc" Hartford, and Niko, a female ranger who didn't fall into the '80s tropes as a damsel in distress. Together, they rode robot horses, visited robot casinos, and basically did anything you've ever seen in a Western... except with added robots.

Galaxy Rangers had a toy line, but unlike a lot of '80s cartoons, the show didn't feel like it existed only to sell toys. It was a standout series, even though only 65 episodes were ever produced.

For more Galaxy Rangers details, check out the entire video!