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WATCH: Game of Thrones: The Long Night rap-up


WARNING: Spoilers herein.

"The Dead are already here."

Game of Thrones recaps are so 2017. That’s why SYFY WIRE is bringing you Game of Thrones Rap Ups created by Bierut Films. In less than a day, they've managed to capture all of the highs and lows of "The Long Night," the darkest GOT episode to date. And by dark, we mean pitch black and hard-to-see images! Naturally, that comes up in this rap, and you won't need the Lord of Light to tell you which characters have fallen.

Long time GoT fans don't necessarily need all of the context that the video supplies, but it’s still a really fun way to revisit the events of the episode. It's also nice to see someone else wondering why the Dothraki, the most feared warriors in this world, were taken out so easily ... and off-screen! After everything Daenerys did to become a true khaleesi the loss of her khalasar deserves better than that. She really lost a lot in this episode, including her right-hand man, Ser Jorah.

After that, there's a rundown of some of the episode’s highlights that adds some much needed humor to these dire events. Speaking of which, did anyone see Ghost after the doomed charge of the Dothraki? And where's zombie Hodor? We wanted to see Hodor brought back as a wight!

Additionally, the video puts forth a lot of the questions that we've had since "The Long Night" and the epic Battle of Winterfell. But for those details and more, you're gonna have to catch the full Rap Up video!