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Watch: Viral Japanese Bath Bomb Inspired By Jaws Recreates Bloody Waters Off Amity Island

You're gonna need a bigger tub...

By Josh Weiss
A shark with a bloodied woman in its mouth from Jaws (1974)

Someone get Chief Brody and Captain Quint on the horn right away! Bathing enthusiasts are going need a bigger tub now that a bath bomb inspired by the maritime thrills of Steven Spielberg's Jaws has taken the internet by storm.

In a viral video posted to Twitter, the @horror4kids account showed off the gonzo Japanese product — one that turns your home bathtub into the bloodily churning waters off Amity Island — in action. The item starts off as an adorable blue boat, which eventually melts away into a great white shark toy spewing up a cloud of feeding frenzy red. Seriously, the attention to detail here is kind of chilling.

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"Even better, there's a figure inside each one!" reads the production description on HobbyLink Japan. "There are four different figures available (one is a secret!), randomly packed in boxes of eight. Place your order today!"

Watch the Jaws-inspired bath bomb from Japan in action

Jaws — which celebrated its 48th anniversary last week — effectively birthed the modern concept of the summer blockbuster. Based on the novel of the same name by Peter Benchley, the film marked the second feature-length effort from a young up-and-coming director by the name of Steven Spielberg and remained the highest-grossing movie of all time until the release of Star Wars two years later.

While this is the project that made his historical Hollywood career, Spielberg later came to regret the film's negative depiction of great white sharks as evil killing machines when, in reality, attacks on humans are incredibly rare.

“That’s one of the things I still fear. Not to get eaten by a shark, but that sharks are somehow mad at me for the feeding frenzy of crazy sport fishermen that happened after 1975," he noted last year. "To this day, I regret the decimation of the shark population because of the book and the film. I really, truly regret that."

Jaws (and its three sequels) are available to purchase via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The films will also be streaming on Peacock throughout the month of July. In the meantime, head over to the service for the Jurassic Park trilogy and Jurassic World for more creature-based scares.