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SYFY WIRE John Byrne

WATCH: John Byrne takes us on a tour of his breathtaking studio

By Mike Avila
John Byrne Studio Hero Image

There are few comic creators who can match the legendary output of writer and artist John Byrne. And from the looks of things, there are few collectors who can match Byrne’s collection as well! SYFY WIRE was recently invited to take a video tour of Byrne’s personal studio, and to call it breathtaking would be an understatement. Over the past few decades, Byrne’s collection of books, comics, toys, statues, posters, and original art has become museum-worthy.

Although Byrne’s artwork commands high prices on its own, the walls of his studio are adorned by some of the other greats in the comic book industry. Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, and Dick Sprang are among the highlights. Byrne even told us how he got Sprang to recreate the first page from the very first issue of Batman that Byrne ever read. He was also particularly proud of his pages from the first-ever Superman and Spider-Man team-up, which featured contributions from several of Marvel and DC’s top artists at the time.

According to Byrne, his artwork collection was chosen for historical significance, inspiration, and even as an opportunity to learn from the work of his peers. Byrne also admitted that he enjoys collecting the toys associated with characters he created, as well as a very large assortment of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman collectibles.

“I have so many because OCD,” joked Byrne. “But when these things started coming out, I wasn’t buying comics anymore. And they were like the thrill of the hunt with comics ... It very much felt like collecting comics again."

For more details about Byrne’s massive studio collection, check out the full video! Then let us know what you think in the comment section below!