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WATCH: Katherine McNamara on the final episodes of Shadowhunters

By Jenna Busch

While Katherine McNamara has made a big splash this season on Arrow, she's not quite done with the world of The Mortal Instruments. Last year, Freeform decided to cancel Shadowhunters after three seasons, though they also commissioned two additional episodes to wrap up the series. Now that the end of her time as Clary Fray is nearly here, McNamara gave SYFY WIRE a taste of what to expect in the final episodes.

"It's our best season yet, really," said McNamara. "The show is so much richer now because it's had time to marinate, if you will. The world itself has become a character. But I'm so proud of these last episodes. Everyone really shines in every department and every cast member. It's really been a fun journey, and I think it's the best way, even though it's still bittersweet, to kind of end the show.

McNamara wasn't inclined to share any definitive spoilers about Clary's fate or the ending of the series. However, she did say that readers of the novels have something to look forward to.

"I could give you a list a mile long of moments [to be excited about]," exclaimed McNamara. "But our finale is really special. It really does give closure to as many things as we possibly could. I think the next few episodes are gonna be special for a lot of people [and] for book fans in particular. We hit a lot of those iconic book moments that we haven't gotten to yet. I think it makes the series really feel like we've actually accomplished what we set out to do."

For more Shadowhunters details from McNamara, check out the full video!