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WATCH: Roswell, New Mexico cast rolls for questions ... and would date aliens


What would you do if you found out your crush from high school is actually an alien who has kept their unearthly DNA hidden for all their time on Earth?

Roswell, New Mexico, the sequel to the WB's Roswell, is a must-watch for every '90s kid out there who spent a considerable amount of time glued to that channel because of both that and Buffy. Interspecies dating was on the brain when SYFY WIRE dared new Roswell stars Tyler Blackburn and Michael Vlamis to roll for questions.

The first question just had to ask if you’d go out with someone you met on a dating app again if you found out they were secretly (what else?) an alien.

Maybe Blackburn and Vlamis are biased because, you know, both are on a show about aliens and one actually plays an alien, but it isn't a dealbreaker for either of them. This isn’t surprising but it is kind of unnerving. Maybe they didn't think about possibilities such as mind control or body snatching or being probed without consent.

Speaking of body snatching, how well could they impersonate each other if their characters had to switch bodies for an episode?

"I can brood, I can totally brood," Blackburn said, referring to Vlamis’ character. "I could switch."

There may have not been any UFO sightings in either of the actors hometowns, at least none that either of them is aware of, but both did admit to some strange things going on, even though "the creature" in the river really turned out to be something more like a mongoose. That kind of thing is still scary enough to leave you lying in bed with your eyes open for many nights as a kid who kind of wants to believe.

Blackburn grew up in L.A. where there are no rivers crawling with any such things but thinks L.A. is weird enough.

Watch to find out more, like what kind of hot sauce they would chug, and beam down the next episode of Roswell, New Mexico on February 5 on The CW.

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.