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WATCH: Siren star Eline Powell tells us why Mermaids shouldn't drive


Ryn, the leading mermaid in Siren, has really been making life for herself in the human world. In the most recent episode of the Freeform original series, Ryn insisted on learning how to drive. As explained in this SYFY WIRE exclusive video, Eline Powell didn't know how to drive before she took a crash course to get ready for this episode.

"I didn't have a license," said Powell. "My first driving lessons were with a stunt driver, so it was crazy. Then when I first learned to drive as Ryn, which is really stop-start and crazy. But then when we came to shoot it, for efficiency reasons, they actually put us on a truck and pulled it forward."

Powell's co-star Alex Roe mentioned that she got her learner's permit over the course of a single weekend. Unfortunately, Powell didn't get a chance to show off all that she learned.

"I was a bit disappointed, actually, because I had worked so hard to do those things," related Powell. "But I'm hoping it still worked out well. That was really fun. I never knew I would be pushed to learn to drive because of my mermaid character on a show."

Additionally, Powell shared some insight into Ryn's first laugh. Within the episode, it was unexpectedly creepy and funny because Ryn had no real concept of humor and laughter. She's trying to be more than she was, but Ryn still has a long way to go.

For more Siren details from the second episode of Season 2, check out the full video. Then leave a comment for us below!