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Watch host Woody Harrelson have the ride of his life in hilarious 'SNL' theme park sketch

We all have that one friend at the theme park.

By Matthew Jackson
Woody Harrelson and Kenan Thompson

Anyone who's ever been to a theme park with a group of friends knows that one guy who will try literally any ride.

No matter how insane the setup is, they're ready to get in line, strap in to a seat, and hang on for dear life, and they're usually doing their best to take as many people as possible along with them. Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live launched a parody of that guy with host Woody Harrleson and longtime cast member Kenan Thompson, and it's a hilarious watch.

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In the sketch, titled "Slingshot," Harrelson and Thompson play two friends who are at a theme park along with their significant others -- played by Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim -- and come across an extreme ride that will shoot them into the air and let them swing over the whole park. Harrelson is reluctant to try it, but Thompson can't wait, and pressures his friend to take the ride with him. 

When they get in the air, though, the roles are hilariously reversed. Watch what happens when the Slingshot takes off, and where things go from there with Thompson's character.

"Slingshot" is working from a classic SNL sketch structure by laying out a scenario we all know, then taking it to the absolute extreme by having Thompson spout lines about how he lost his job and how he's peeing on everyone in the crowd below. At the same time, even as the sketch gets into silly territory, there's a layer of truth running through the whole thing. Just as we all know that one guy who'll ride anything at the theme park, we also know that person who used to ride anything at the theme park, until one bad experience turned them off thrill rides forever.

You might even know that person's opposite as well, the person who used to hate the idea of thrill rides, then tried one and got addicted. It's all part of the theme park experience, and that's what makes the sketch so fun. 

You can catch Harrelson's entire SNL episode streaming now on Peacock. New episodes of Saturday Night Live air Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.