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WATCH: The Siren cast tells us mermaid graveyards are very cold


Things are getting tense in the town of Bristol Cove! Within the world of Freeform's Siren, the mermaid known as Ryn has been trying to keep her people together and find peace with humanity. However, Katrina, the former alpha leader among the mermaids, has a more militant take on how humanity should be handled. In this week's episode, Katrina made some bold moves to regain control of her tribe and it all came to a head during a confrontation at a mermaid graveyard.

In SYFY WIRE's exclusive video from the set of Siren, the cast members weren't shy about telling us about the cold temperatures in Vancouver. Especially when they aren't dressed for the occasion.

"All of us felt so bad for Aylya [Marzolf], who plays Katrina, because she was just in overalls and a tank top." said Ian Verdun. "You didn't even shiver, not once."

"We're shooting in this beautiful place in Vancouver called Whitecliff Bay," added Alex Roe. "Beautiful place to shoot at freezing cold. Everyone's shivering, and then while we start shooting everyone stops shivering."

According to Rena Owen, the location itself made things very difficult for the cast to complete the day of filming.

"Logistically, it's very challenging," said Owen. "Even a simple scene can take two to three hours. So when you're talking about a scene where you've got 10 to 12 characters in that scene, then obviously it's gonna take longer to get everybody covered."

For more details, you can check out the entire clip! Siren airs Thursdays at 8PM on Freeform.