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SYFY WIRE Watchmen

WIRE Buzz: Watchmen gets official podcast; Ruby Rose & Jamie Bell get animated; more

By Brian Silliman
Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson in HBO's Watchmen

We're still asking "Who watches the watchmen?", but soon enough we'll know who will be able to listen to an official podcast about them. More specifically, we'll know who will be able to listen to a new official podcast about HBO's new hit series based on the world of Watchmen. The answer? Everyone.

Collider reports that HBO is releasing The Official Watchmen Podcast, a three-part, post-episode conversation between series creator Damon Lindelof and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin (who otherwise isn't involved with Watchmen). It is set to launch Nov. 3, after the premiere of the show's third episode, "She Was Killed by Space Junk." This is the episode that will bring in Jean Smart as the former Silk Spectre, Laurie Blake. 

Each episode of the podcast will feature a conversation between Lindelof and Mazin covering the new episode, connections to the original graphic novel, and real-world reflections.

There is no word on whether this duo of squid rain and ash rain will ever do shows about the two episodes of the series that have already aired, but hopefully they will at some point. 

Two actors who make an unexpected (yet interesting) pairing will soon bring their talents to a new animated feature.

Deadline reports that Jamie Bell (King Kong) and Ruby Rose (Batwoman) have been tapped to star in Cranston Academy: Monster Zone. The film is currently in post-production, and tells the story of two rival geniuses, Danny and Liz, who attend a secret school for child geniuses. One of them opens a portal to another dimension by accident (stuff like that is always happening at these schools), and a horde of monsters is unleashed.

Will Danny and Liz be able to put their petty rivalry aside to save the school? Will they be able to survive themselves? Bell didn't do that well against Kong in 2005, but he did survive. Rose kicks leathered booty up and down the Gotham block each week on Batwoman, so we think she'll be just fine.

The film is being directed by Leopoldo Aguilar, and is set to debut in the fall of 2020. 

Finally, to promote and celebrate the release of Teminator: Dark Fate, Paramount has launched a giant mural activation, which includes work from a mix of local artists in 11 cities for a combined total of 15 murals that flat-out refuse to be terminated (until they get painted over). 

You can check out the murals in cities involved in the initiative, including Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Portland. The most prominent mural can be found in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Take a view of a new video that will give you a good look at some of the incredible local artwork on display, and includes all the artists' Instagram handles: 

Terminator: Dark Fate, which gloriously returns Linda Hamilton to the role of Sarah Connor, held advance screenings last night before opening in full today. The non-stop/won't stop action of the Terminator franchise can be seen in your local cinema right now ... if you live in one of the cities listed above, then the murals can also be witnessed. 

Don't let either experience pass you by ... there's no fate but what we make.