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Terrify your turntable with Waxwork's vinyl Junkie XL score for Zack Snyder's 'Army of the Dead'

By Jeff Spry
aotd hero

Zack Snyders’ Army of the Dead on Netflix is currently chewing up the ratings with its invigorating high-stakes take of the zombie genre, a hyper-violent “Oceans 11 meets The Walking Dead” vibe, and over-the-top undead action unfolding in a quarantine zone in Las Vegas.

One of the most absorbing elements of this wild horror flick is the driving musical score by Junkie XL, who also composed the soundtracks for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Mad Max: Fury Road, Godzilla v Kong, and many other geek favorites.


Now New Orleans-based Waxwork Records is honoring his unsettling soundscape with a deluxe 2xLP vinyl score release featuring all the monster-destroying tracks heard in the new zombie heist flick — and it’s up for pre-order starting Friday, May 28. 


In partnership with Milan Records and Netflix, Waxwork Records is presenting the official score album to Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead beginning today, packaged with never seen interactive imagery showcasing new artwork and designs by illustrator and painter Oliver Barrett. To delve into its interior, rabid listeners are required to tear open the screaming visage of Zeus, the film’s charismatic zombie leader, to reveal a locked vault door.

"We are so excited to finally work with both Junkie XL and Zack Snyder," Waxwork CEO Kevin Bergeron tells SYFY WIRE. "Army of the Dead has been a film us zombie fanatics have been waiting for since 2004's Dawn of the Dead, so we knew we had to go big with the packaging and presentation. More is in the works from Waxwork, Milan Records, and that dynamic director/composer duo! Look out!"


The crazy packaging further expands into a neon pink and yellow tinted triple gatefold which unlocks a chamber to reveal a horde of swarming Las Vegas zombies inside. As you continue to explore and open the album set, and all zombies are killed, you'll be greeted by Valentine, the film’s shocking zombie tiger!

As seen in the accompanying images, this scary score has been pressed to 180-gram neon pink and yellow vinyl and the album also features exclusive liner notes from director Zack Snyder.


Waxwork Records' riveting Army of the Dead score by Junkie XL is up for pre-order May 28 and expects to ship Fall, 2021.