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DC Comics fans are frosty over Wendy’s preference for Marvel

By Benjamin Bullard
Teen Titans Go cyborg burger via DC YouTube 2019

Fast food tastemaker extraordinaire Wendy’s has just weighed in on the Marvel-versus-DC debate, and its choice has left fans of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman feeling a little jilted — and smaller comic book labels begging for the table scraps.

Wendy’s used the power of its sassy Twitter account to engage none other than iconic comics writer Gail Simone, who dared to ask the age-old question — and, to the restaurant chain's credit, it didn’t shy away from picking a side. Once the gnashing of teeth from the DC fan base began, though, Wendy’s tried to get a grip on the furor it had wrought, reminding people that it’s totally fine — perhaps even reasonable — to love both Marvel and DC.

Locked in the walk-in fridge, of course, were all the comic book labels not even included in the original debate. Archie Comics was cool with it, though, because they’d already been playing nice with Wendy’s from way back, and certainly long before the Baconator gourmands were ever asked to pick a side.

Valiant Comics may have landed the best lightning strike of the whole tweetstorm, though, politely asking Wendy’s to reconsider, and offering an enticing comics-for-burgers exchange that, as you’ll see below, comes with its own hidebound internal logic — thanks to Bloodshot’s pasture-sized appetite:

In the days since, the feud evidently hasn’t dampened DC’s taste for fast food — as long as it isn’t Wendy’s. DC creative chief and comics legend Jim Lee posted a tongue-in-cheek shot of himself and Burger King-crowned DC publisher Dan DiDio chowing down on BK and Mickey D’s at a recent publishers' meeting…and there was nary a Big Dave’s Deluxe in sight.

Wendy’s kept the ongoing burger skirmish fun, tweeting back nothing but gratitude to Lee for a storied comic book career:

Far be it from us to use the occasion to reignite an old debate that truly never dies, but did Wendy’s choose wisely? Or has their preference for Marvel, however slight, killed off what remained of all you DC fans’ cravings for another Frosty? Let us know in the comments — but try not to start up a Marvel-versus-DC charbroiled flame war.