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'The Howling' meets 'The Thing' in official trailer for IFC's horror-comedy 'Werewolves Within'

By Josh Weiss
Werewolves Within

If you've ever played a game of Mafia (sometimes known as Werewolf) at a party, then you'll really dig the official trailer for IFC's Werewolves Within. Helmed by CollegeHumor veteran Josh Ruben (who recently starred alongside The Boys' Aya Cash in Scare Me), the horror-comedy unfolds in the isolated and snowy town of Beaverfield. When a blizzard traps the residents inside a local inn for the night, they need to find out which one of them is a bloodthristy lycanthrope before it's too late.

As the frigid evening wears on, the collective paranoia reaches a fever pitch, putting viewers in mind of a certain incident at a certain U.S. research outpost in Antarctica back in 1982. "I thought of Wilford Brimley in [John Carpenter's] The Thing, out in the shed, saying, 'I’ve calmed down, guys. I’m ready to come back inside,'" screenwriter Mishna Wolff (I'm Down) explained during an interview for the film's production notes. "I thought about Colonel Mustard’s interactions with Mr. Green in Clue. I thought about Agatha Christie. What would my version of that kind of scene be?"

Check it out:

Veep's Sam Richardson leads the project as Finn, a green-horned forest ranger who arrives in Beaverton just as a proposed pipeline is causing a division within the community. The controversy only gets worse when everyone starts suspecting their neighbor of being a werewolf. To help keep the peace, Finn relies on postal worker, Cecily (Silicon Valley's Milana Vayntrub).

"I grew up near the same small town where we shot Werewolves Within. As a kid, I’d freak myself out, making up monster stories, running through the woods, pretending I was Chief Brody, fighting creatures in the brush (I LOVED Jaws — hell, I loved horror)," Ruben said in a statement of his own. "That hometown experience, where neighbors knew your business (whether you liked it or not) is so much of what makes Werewolves so personal. But, as much as I love horror movies, nothing scares me more than people. And as much as this movie is an homage to my love for Hot Fuzz, the Coen Brothers, and Arachnophobia, it’s also about the monster in all of us."

Cheyenne Jackson (American Horror Story), Michaela Watkins (Wanderlust), Harvey Guillen (What We Do in the Shadows), Michael Chernus (Orange is the New Black), George Basil (Crashing), Sarah Burns (Barry), Catherine Curtain (Stranger Things), Rebecca Henderson (Russian Doll), and Glenn Fleshler (Joker) co-star.

Sink your lupine jaws into the poster below:

Werewolves Within poster

Werewolves Within arrives in select theaters Friday June 25 before clawing its way onto Digital/VOD Friday, July 2.