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SYFY WIRE Gaming Month

WATCH: What if video game characters got 9-5 office jobs?


Have you ever wondered what video game characters do when they aren’t off saving the world? As part of SYFY WIRE’s Gaming Month, we’re imagining what would happen if all of your favorite heroes and villains had to put video games aside and hold down a real job. And just for added kicks, they’re all working together in the same office.

You may notice that nearly every major character from the Super Mario franchise has a position in this office. All we can say is that Nintendo must have a terrific job placement program. Mario also gets called out for being a bit of a micromanager. We seriously doubt that he spent enough years in medical school to be called “Doctor Mario.” He’s also very quick to hand out prescriptions! Mario’s doppelganger, Wario, is also a pretty dubious choice to be in charge of anything related to the company’s financial situation.

As for Pac-Man, we can totally see him as the fad diet guy who just can’t shut up about it. Hey, we’d be hangry too if we lived on a steady diet of power pellets, fruit, and blue ghosts.

Meanwhile, our man Kratos really does have some anger issues stemming from his God of War days. He’ll just have to perpetually stay in anger management until he works them all out.

Are we projecting a bit here? Quite possibly! But you’ll have to watch the entire video before you can make a final judgment! Then feel free to leave a comment for us below.