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What If… We spoke with Marvel Disney+ stars at D23 Expo


Captain America has been both a patriotic symbol of justice and America's, uh, superior posterior in the MCU. But what if it was actually Peggy Carter who got injected with that super serum, took on the shield, and became Captain Carter instead?

SYFY WIRE's Katie Wilson spoke with actress Hayley Atwell at D23 to find out how her alter ego Peggy is going to handle this in the new Disney+ What If...? series. Based on the comics that played around with what possibly could have happened in the Marvel universe under different circumstances, each What If...? takes a classic Marvel storyline and turns it on its head.

"It's so beautiful to watch, but the expressions on everyone’s faces [are] recognizable, it feels real, it's very emotive, and just beautifully done," Atwell said.

We saw Peggy in the Captain America movies and Endgame, but don't you feel there are gaps? Even before that epic slow dance in Endgame, what happened that we had no idea about?

The Winter Soldier revealed that Peggy is supposed to live into her 90s, going through decades of social evolution, political upheaval, and questionable fashion. Things would be somewhat different if she had taken up the shield.

Seeing Peggy as Captain Carter is going to mean plenty of fighting action — meaning it's not just the boys getting to do all those kickass moves anymore. Young girls watching this are going to be inspired beyond vintage curls and red lipstick. Atwell was impressed at seeing girls at the con cosplaying as Captain Carter, so she believes they are going to fangirl hard over her episode.

"When I saw it, I loved how strong they made her look," she said. "They made her look highly capable of the action she's required to do in it."

That’s the only What If...? preview we're getting for now, but keep watching if you want to find out more about upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision, Loki, and what happens when you've got two Captain Americas sharing the shield and the suit.

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.