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What the stars of I Am Not Okay With This are FANGRRLING over right now

By Heather Mason
I Am Not Okay With This Premiere - Sophia Lillis and Sofia Bryant

Here at SYFY FANGRRLS we are all about equal-opportunity fangirling, which means that this is a space for people to passionately express just how much of a fan they are of... well, anything. Most of the time we focus on TV shows, movies, comics, etc. but obviously there's plenty more out there to discover and geek out over. Who doesn't love to discover a new obsession?

So, when we sat down with two of the stars of Netflix's high school superpowered show I Am Not Okay With This, we had to find out exactly what they're FANGRRLing over at the moment.

In I Am Not Okay With This, Sophia Lillis plays Sydney, a pretty average high school girl who thinks she's weird (who doesn't?!) and is mostly just trying to get through each day at school with her friends and also watch out for her little brother. Then one day, everything changes. Suddenly, when Sydney gets angry... the earth shakes, trees fall, and sometimes people get hurt. Sydney spends some of her time in this seven-episode Season 1 trying to figure out her powers and how to control them. But, she also spends a lot of time just trying to figure out high school. Luckily, Lillis is actually in high school so the environment isn't all that foreign.

So what is this actual high school girl FANGRRLing over at the moment?

"Podcasts! I like podcasts a lot... I like a lot of comedy podcasts and I've been listening to a lot more lately. I first started with these brothers, called the McElroy Brothers. Do you know them?" she asked. (DO WE KNOW THEM.) "I love the McElroy Brothers and I started with their D&D podcast and that made me want to do D&D and I sometimes do that with my friends," continued Lillis.

"I like this show, a podcast called Ologies, which is basically this girl who interviews different scientists," she noted.

After a quick debate with her parents on whether the next one should even be mentioned... it was.

"OK, it doesn't sound like what it is. I'm just going to say that right now. It's called My Dad Wrote a Porno," Lillis quickly revealed. "There's this British guy and his friends and one of their dads, who's retired, decided after seeing how Fifty Shades of Grey had gotten so popular, I can do that. And he did and it's not the best. It's not good. That's what makes it so funny. And just him and his friends reading it out loud and that one guy being really sad having to accept that this is his dad who wrote this, is just such a funny, funny thing."


One of the most impactful relationships in I Am Not Okay With This is between Sydney and her best friend Dina, played by Sofia Bryant. When Dina begins dating one of the most popular guys in school, she isn't as attentive as a friend. And with the addition of Sydney's secret superpowers, you can see how the two besties might start to grow apart.

But in real life, Bryant is able to hold a wide variety of interests.

"I fangirl over [rapper] Rico Nasty. She's my style icon, my attitude icon, my life. I just love her. Harry Styles, as you can see, I'm going for Harry Styles today," Bryant said, gesturing to her plaid suit. "I'm loving, loving, loving it all. What else? I'm really into Ginseng, the extract, like teas and stuff. I love just like spraying it in my room. And my cat, I'm always obsessed with my cat. That's my daughter. I love her."

Her cat's name is Bean and according to Bryant, Bean "was the runt of her litter and when she was born they almost threw her away because they thought she was a piece of placenta." Is anyone else learning just THE MOST from these two?

"She's four years old, but she's really small. She's so adorable. I love her," continued Bryant. "Anyway, that's my whole heart. That's what I'm obsessed with."

I Am Not Okay With This is now available for streaming on Netflix.