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Stream the Original Jurassic Park Trilogy on Peacock For Franchise's 30th Anniversary

We spared no expense!

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Craving a trip through the topical and dinosaur delights of Isla Nublar and its sister island, Isla Sorna (aka Site B)? Peacock has you covered with the original Jurassic Park trilogy released between 1993 and 2001.

With the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park this month, go back to the very start with the pioneering film that kicked off a multi-billion dollar Hollywood franchise. Director Steven Spielberg's blockbuster adaptation of the Michael Crichton sci-fi thriller of the same name ushered in a wondrous new age of CGI effects.

And while the movie's digital trickery may be considered archaic by today's ever-evolving standards, the iconic creature effects (a blend of practical animatronics and computer-generated wizardry) still hold up to this day. And let's not forget the masterful score by John Williams! Be honest: you're humming the theme to yourself, right now, aren't you?

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park arrived on the big screen four years later, with Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) taking center stage as the master of chaos embarks on a recuse mission to Site B (the island where InGen bred the animals before moving them to the park on Nublar). The sequel, which loosely took its premise from Crichton's literary follow-up, was a rousing financial success, though many critics agreed that it fell just shy of the groundbreaking original.

"One of the toughest things about a sequel is the expectation that goes along with it, that you're gonna top the first one," Spielberg remarks in Richard Schickel's 2012 retrospective book on the filmmaker's career up to that point. "And therein lies all of my can't really top yourself. You just tell a different story and hope the new MacGuffin is as compelling as the last MacGuffin."

Another four years would pass before the Jurassic Park IP became an honest to goodness trilogy under the captaincy of director Joe Johnston (known for his work on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and The Rocketeer).

The first entry not to be based upon an existing novel, Jurassic Park III finds Alan Grant (Sam Neill) lured to Isla Sorna under false pretenses. With the T. rex all played out, the third chapter introduced a new Big Bad to the dino-canon: the sail-backed Spinosaurus. Again, the movie made plenty at the box office, but also failed to step out of the immense shadow cast by its 1993 predecessor.

"I think it's a little bit darker in tone. I think it's faster than the other two," Johnston noted at the time. "The technology has allowed us to create dinosaurs that, I think, are much more life-like than was possible in the other two films. But I still wanted it to be perceived as another installment in the franchise. I didn't want it to be something completely different."

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